queen bees

Did you know that a queen bee can lay up to 2,000 eggs a day? Here is some interesting information

Queen bees are essential elements of any hive. The structure of any colony has a well-defined social organization. Each hive contains 3 elements: a single queen bee, the worker bees and the drones.

The worker bees are the largest part of a swarm and are also the ones who perform the main tasks of ensuring the survival of the colony. Drones on the other hand (male bees) have only a marginal role. The queen bee , on the other hand, is the only fertile female in the whole hive.

metamorphosis of a bee

The body of bees evolves in three different forms: let's discover its development cycle

Bees are very complex and very interesting animals. The development cycle of a bee follows very specific processes that start even before laying an egg.

Bees are born from the eggs laid by the queen bee. Each egg is placed in a reserved cell. The development times of a bee vary according to sex and whether it is a queen bee or a worker bee or a drone. 

bees and beekeeping

High temperatures and scarcity of water put a strain on hives during the summer

Extreme heat and drought have always been great enemies of bees. In recent years, bees have had to face great difficulties including pollution and the arrival of new predators.

Researchers have found that the number of bees has decreased significantly in the world in recent years and that this trend is continuing to grow. Surely the high temperatures this summer combined with long periods of drought are not improving the situation.

honey production

A healthy swarm can produce up to 50kg of honey per year

Each hive medially produces 20 to 50 kg of honey in one year. The exact quantity varies according to the type of honey, the number of bees, the blooms present in the area but also the strength of a swarm.

bees are social animals. Their coordination and collaboration work is able to guarantee food for all the components of the hive . The bees are therefore able to produce enough honey to feed tens of thousands of individuals.

queen bee in hive

Bees have a defined social organization: any colony contains only one queen bee

Bees have been around for about 4 million years and have evolved over time to become the most important pollinating insects on Earth. All hives existing in nature are formed through a very precise and immutable structure. Within a colony there is a single queen bee , many worker bees and a part of drones (male bees).


How is beeswax made? What are its uses? Let's find out more

Unlike other animals, bees independently produce the substance with which they create their nest. Other insects generally build nests by collecting substances they find outside, such as parts of some plants, mud and vegetable fibers.

Bees are able to generate a complex structure like the beehive by creating the building material themselves: wax.

bees produce propolis

What propolis is, what it is used for and how is it produced by bees

propolis is a sticky, resinous substance that honey bees obtain from tree buds, sap and other plant sources. The word propolis derives from the Greek " pro - polis " which translated means "in front of the city" and in a metaphorical sense it takes on the meaning of defender, guardian. Propolis therefore means "protect" as a substance is used to seal the entrance to the hive and create shelter from intruders.

How bees produce honey

Honey is a highly sought after product by man: let's find out more about this precious food

Bees are the only animals that produce an edible substance for humans. honey is a delicious food that has been used by humans for thousands of years. It is used not only as a natural sweetener but also as a remedy and for the treatment of various human ailments and physical problems.

swarm of bees

Bees are not aggressive animals but there are some situations where it is good to be careful. Here's what to do:

There are several situations in which swarms move around. During the swarming phase, for example, it could happen that we see a large number of bees take flight. If we were in this situation or near a group of bees that are swarming, we shouldn't worry.

The hum of bees

The buzz is useful for beekeepers to understand a few things: let's find out which ones

Bees emit different types of vibrations and sounds. The hum emitted by the swarms is not always the same. More experienced beekeepers are able to recognize what is happening inside the apiary simply by listening to the sounds emitted.