What would a world be like without bees?

If you are trying to imagine what the world would be like if all the bees disappeared , this article will shift your attention to a very important topic. In fact, bees play a vital role within our planet that otherwise would not be able to guarantee the survival of the beings who inhabit it. The changes that the Earth would undergo would be truly irreversible and would create unimaginable imbalances. Let's find out why.

Curiosities about bees

bees are very special animals. They live in a very complex structure made up of wax honeycombs which takes the name of beehive . The operation of the entire structure is very complex and fascinating. Think you know everything about the world of bees ? Let's find out some curiosities about these interesting animals that never cease to surprise us.

Bees and construction of cells in honeycombs

The bee is a social animal, its group life takes place together with many individuals of the same family who live in a very numerous colony called beehive . In the case of beekeeping, the farmer offers the bees a different home: the hive . Whether it is hives settled in nature or hives, bees continuously build many hexagonal-shaped cells that perform many functions starting from laying eggs, up to the storage of honey. But why do the honeycomb cells have this particular six-sided geometric shape? Let's find out together.

Communication and orientation of bees

To move around and memorize the distance they have traveled, bees make the most of some truly amazing orientation instincts . To move and understand in which direction they are moving, bees use one of the most popular methods in antiquity, namely the observation of the sun.

By simply identifying the position of the sun and the origin of the rays, bees are able to understand how and when to move using this tool. The element that leaves us most amazed then, is that the bees are able to communicate with each other, indicating the position of the food source to the rest of the swarm . Let's find out more about communication and orientation in the world of bees .

Eucalyptus honey

Eucalyptus honey is one of the most popular in Italy. Its anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties make it a very powerful natural remedy against problems related to the respiratory system and the oropharyngeal tract. In fact, this type of honey has proved to be really effective in cases of cough and cold and all those problems indicating an inflammatory state of the body. Eucalyptus honey is also excellent as a natural sweetener for some foods whose flavor is enhanced by its aromatic aftertaste.

The task of the worker bees

Worker bees as well as the queen bee, are essential elements for every hive. Their tireless work is what determines the survival of the swarm . The workers are constantly busy in all kinds of roles. Primarily their job is to maintain an optimal state of health for their sovereign.

Bees and the defense of the hive

bees are very cooperative insects, and their strength is certainly based on solid cohesion and inimitable teamwork. The defense of the hive is an important factor in which bees have developed increasingly efficient and organized methods to chase away predators . It is important to emphasize, however, that in recent years, bees have had to face many new challenges such as the arrival of new aggressors including the vespa velutina and the mandarinia. These species have put their survival skills to the test. Let's find out together how bees protect the hive and what their defense weapons are.

How bees choose food

Like any living being, bees need a correct energy supply to fully carry out their biological functions and survive. But on the basis of what do bees select their food ? There are specific plants and flowers to which bees are most attracted when they search for pollen and nectar. Let's find out more about this.

How the Queen Bee develops

The development cycle of the queen bee is a fascinating process, divided into specific stages. The birth of a new queen thrills the entire hive but also the beekeepers. In fact, when it happens, the bees are very agitated, euphoric and await their new sovereign with vehemence. In this article we will analyze its growth stages from the deposition of a fertilized egg to the adult stage.