Aethina Tumida is a beetle in the family of the Nitidulidae that infests the hives of the Apis mellifera colonies. This beetle can cause damage to the combs and drops of honey and pollen production, can lead up to the loss of the entire bee family.

The larva of Aethina Tumida, exotic in the European Union, tunnels in the combs in which it is annihilating, sleeping and feeding, causing the swarning of the family of bees.
The infestation is worrying, so after the National Reference Center for Beekeeping has confirmed the cases of Aethina Tumida, together With the Ministry of Health has enacted provisions for the treatment of infestation.

  • Each shipment is accompanied by a European Community Health Certificate (TRACES).
  • The last case of Aethina Tumida dates back to the region Calabria (400km from us) a long time ago. We don't own apiaries in those infested areas.
  • In All our apiaries There are also traps for the prevention and monitoring of Aethina Tumida.
  • We receive regular health checks WITH always negative outcome.
  • We are Beekeepers by profession, we have no reason to hide the truth.

Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale delle Venezie
  • For more information on Aethina Tumida, you can refer to theIstituto zooprofilactic sperimentale delle Venezie (izsve), a public-law health institution that conducts prevention, research and services in the fields of health Animal and food safety. Below is the direct link to be always informed about the epidemiological situation of Aethina Tumida in Italy:

    To deepen the current national, international and regional laws regarding bee diseases and beekeeping, you can refer to this link: