Selling Bee families

Apicoltura Laterza is a farm, specialized for years in the sale of families of bees that are bred with the best methodologies with a single common denominator: the health of bees and the neighbouring environment.

Apicoltura Laterza is a farm, specialized for years in the sale of families of bees that are bred with the best methodologies with a single common denominator: the health of bees and the neighbouring environment.

Sale of honeybee families with expedition to Italy.

We ensure the highest quality of honeybee families that are sold and delivered only after stringent controls. On the other hand, tradition and love for nature are the basis of our work. In the sale of Bees families , the management and conduction of apiaries is essential: with us, it happens naturally, because we prioritize the well-being of bees. For this reason, we produce strong bee cores.

The bees ' swarms are composed of 5 frames (3 frames of hatching and 2 of honey) or 3 frames (2 frames of hatching, minimum 60% and 1 spare). As far as the frames are concerned, for corporate philosophy, we prefer to organize things carefully before making the delivery.

You can go to the farm and once you bring your own crates, you will be transferred. Alternatively, in the sale of families of bees on 3 frames of hatching and 2 of honey we propose the wooden drawer with net for transport for the price of 5 euros (empty to lose) or a crate used in polystyrene for the price of 5 euros more network for transport to lose to The price of 5 euros. For the 3 frames (2 of broed and 1 stock), the supply is available at the price of 60 euros, plus 2 euro packing and 3 euro of transport. The cores are treated with organic varroasis products.

We have a swarm of bees designed ad hoc for long transport: it is lightness their distinctive trait. They can be stacked up to 3 layers, sturdy and with the right ventilation. Important thing for bees, in the course of travel of a certain duration.

Apicoltura Laterza allows you to order bee parcels D 1.5 KG with Queen or Orphan Bee. The package costs 44 Euro + 1 euro beepost and the delivery is made on motorway tollbooth (A14). This service is the flagship of our bee production: We have a system to develop bees in a short time and to strengthen the hives.

The bee families are bred with the best methodologies: the health of the bees and of the neighbouring environment are our priority.

Apicoltura Laterza occupies sales of API families ensuring the highest quality

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