Become an official apiculture Laterza retailer, a company with decades of experience in beekeeping, and starts marketing the Buckfast queen Bees, ligustic queens and honeybee parcels.

Apicoltura Laterza, an Italian company that has been involved for 35 years in the production and sale of queen Bees (ligustic and Buckfast varieties) and honeycombed parcels, is looking for collaborators, in Particular official dealers in Italy, Europe and abroad.

Apicoltura Laterza selects, produces and sells since 35 years packets of bees, Queen Buckfast and ligustic bees, swarms of bees and families of bees.

Apicoltura Laterza is ready to offer its decades of experience in beekeeping, its kwon how in the apistic sector and assistance and consultancy throughout the chain in order to put you in the best Possible conditions to start a partnership action as an official reseller.

The advantages of apiculture Laterza Dealers

Becoming official resellers of Laterza beekeeping means having access to several advantages:

  •  Lower list prices that go according to the orders made
  •  Partnership with asolid and consolidated company in the market, now present for years
  •  know how fruit of decades of experience
  • Constant assistance and advice in solving any problems

The passion for beekeeping and the Bees, thelove for the Territory and the respect for the environment are the characteristics that distinguish us and we would like to get in touch with people who share these values with us.

Products of apiculture Laterza dealers

The official dealers of the Laterza Beekeeping will deal with the resale of:

  • ligustic queen Bees, subspecies of the honeybee native to Italy. In the article "QUEEN BEES LIGUSTICA"There is a deepening
  • Queen Bees Buckfast, among the bees most appreciated by beekeepers because they are particularly docile. For further information you can refer to the article "Queen Bees Buckfast"
  • Bee parcels weighing 1.5 kg that are delivered with a fertile queen bee of breed Ligustica or Buckfast. In the article "Package bees"You can go deeper into the topic.
api regine ligustiche
Ligustic queen Bees

Apicoltura Laterza deals with the production and sale of Ligustic queen Bees.

api regine buckfast
Buckfast queen Bees

Apicoltura Laterza deals with the production and sale of Queen Buckfast queen bees.

Shipments and prevention of health

Apiculture Laterza declares and certifies that the Their apiaries are exempt from Aethina tumida and any parasite or disease.

  • We receive regular health checks WITH always negative outcome.
  • each shipment is accompanied by a European Community Health Certificate (TRACES).
  • Shipments are made with air cargo in a way that is expressed throughout Europe and the world. The tracking code for each shipment is provided via SMS and e-mail
  • We are Beekeepers by profession and we cater only to personnel instructed to deliver


For more information please do not hesitate to contact us:
  • Phone number +39 0999647729
  • By using WhatsApp +39 333 2189715
  • By mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Via Mail PEC This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Through the contact form to follow


If you would like to receive more information or a quotation, write us. Our staff will answer you within 24h of receiving the message!

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