Swarms for sale of bees

Thanks to the typical Mediterranean climate of Puglia and its unique blooms, apiculture Laterza is able to produce swarms of bees already from the end of February.

Thanks to the typical Mediterranean climate of Apulia and its unique blooms, Apicoltura Laterza has been able to produce swarms of bees since mid-March. Our company philosophy is all about respect for the world of bees, as demonstrated by our professional production. The selection and reproduction of the queen bees is of the massal type. Thanks to our experience in the field, we have identified our production strains, which are able to withstand various diseases.

Selling swarms of bees with shipping all over Europe.

The sale swarms of bees with apiculture Laterza takes place both with the Queens of the Year in progress and with those of the previous year. You can identify the queens for the color with which they are branded and for the year of birth. The goodness of a queen bee is certified by the deposition in the nucleus consisting of an API population of two or more nest combs. Swarm and queen bees in this way are produced for sale as well as for internal comeback.

The vigorous families of our bee swarms are usually used in the spring season to produce honey, pollen, royal jelly, as well as new swarms and bee packs. Our bee swarms are made up of 5 frames (3 of hatched and 2 honey) or 3 frames (2 of minimum hatching 60% and 1 spare). All this because in the swarms of bees, families are already ready for the transfer into the hive. Proper stimulation will ensure the proper development, essential to go to Supers within 21 days.

We deliver on the A14 motorway tollbooth: The transport of the swarms of bees is carried out by means of refrigerated trucks with controlled atmosphere, in order to minimize the stress towards the bees which are repaired by the light, because otherwise the heat of the sun He'd get out.

The sale of swarms of bees is with queen bees of the current year (from May onwards) or with queen bees of the second half of the previous year. The queen bees are marked with the colour of the year of birth.

Finally, we remind that Apiculture Laterza sells swarms of bees treated with natural products that the regulations currently in force approve. Our company issues invoice (model 4 for the transfer of Animals), Certificate of Race and health attestation.

Apicoltura Laterza deals with the sale of bees and produces certificate of race and health attestation.

The sale of bee swarms takes place with queen Bees of the current year or with Queens of the second half of the previous year.

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