Package of bees

Apicoltura Laterza is responsible for the production of packages of bees weighing 1.5 kg which are delivered with a fertile queen of Ligustica or Buckfast breed.

If you've come this far, it's most likely because you're looking for packs of bees on the Internet. Apicoltura Laterza is responsible for the production of packs of bees weighing 1.5 kg which are delivered with a fertile queen of breed Ligustica Or Buckfast. Or, without Queen if you want to use one of your own. Excellence has always distinguished our work and we are selective at the time of the composition: For each queen bee we provide the correspondent.

It is well known that honeybee families tend to develop more rapidly if they are young and well-fed. Therefore, at the time of the composition of our packets of bees, on one side we discard drones and old bees and on the other hand we feed the young bees exclusively by glucose and fructose. Apicoltura Laterza is among the first companies existing in the production of bees, we have the necessary experience in order to be able to deliver the product in good condition. Contact us for more information.

The size of 3 packs of bee is 42x22x70cm

pacchi d'ape

Apicoltura Laterza deals with the production and sale of bee packages

pacchi d'api

Honeybee Parcels with fertile queen of breed Ligustica or Buckfast. 


We have been producing parcels for about 20 years, we are the reference point on a national and international scale. On the basis of this experience, we advise those who have never used bee packages to ask for appropriate advice so that their use is done in a correct way and everything is successful.

Here are the various uses:

  • Reinforcement of hives in development: just use about half a parcel 20/30 days before an important crop. Usually the most correct period is March/April.
  • It is an alternative way to level the apiaries avoiding the use of brooades that could lead to pathologies. Formation of new colonies. There are various methods depending on the periods, temperatures and times We will recommend the best use according to the circumstances.
  • Use of the parcels directly in the melars for the production of Acacia Honey.
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