Ligustica queen bee - Breed certificate 2022 Apicoltura Laterza

Our queen bees have obtained the morphological recognition of the Apis mellifera ligustica

As every year, Apicoltura Laterza certifies (through a specific analysis) the race of its queen bees . The certification comes directly from the National Register of Queen Bee Breeders.

In collaboration with the MiPAAF institute, the CREA institution aims to preserve and enhance the genetic heritage of the subspecies of Italian bees , in particular the species: Apis mellifera ligustica and Apis mellifera Siciliana .

Ours are certified ligustic queen bees . The genetic heritage of our bees respects every single characteristic of suitability of the species.

What are the characteristics of ligustic queen bees?

the queen bee Ligustica , also known as the Italian bee, has very specific characteristics. The bees of this type consist of a tapered body, particularly short hairs, a chestnut-colored abdomen, golden lines, a ligule with a length between 6.6 and 6.3 mm and finally a cubital index between 2.2 and 2 , 5.

All these characteristics make up what are the standards of the Ligustica breed . Today, enhancing and protecting the genetic profile of this native species of our territory is very important.

How are the analyzes carried out to obtain certification?

The National register of queen bee breeders , carries out careful checks on Italian subspecies. The analyzes are carried out by a technical commission made up of professionals in the sector.

The CREA body (Council for research in agriculture and analysis of the agricultural economy) manages and organizes all the activities of the register, while the body of experts checks the suitability of the subspecies for the issue of certification. 

The examination is performed on a sample taken from the farms. Experts evaluate every single parameter starting from the length of the wings, the colors, the body size, up to analyzing every single characteristic of the specimen.

Suitable bees, in possession of specific requirements belonging to the ligustica breed standards, obtain the certification.

certificate api queens race ligustica

Certificate of Ligustica Race obtained from Apicoltura Laterza

Apicoltura Laterza has been admitted to the national register of queen bee breeders as it possesses all the legal, health and technical requirements. Every year, the genetic profile of our queen bees is subjected to verification.

As can be seen from the document, the analyzed sample belonging to the Apicoltura Laterza breeding, is COMPLIANT with the morphometric characteristics described for Apis mellifera ligustica.

Today, the ligustica species is one of the most requested species in beekeeping as it possesses excellent characteristics such as: adaptation to our climate, resistance to diseases, docility, great capacity for oviposition and good productivity.

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